Rencontre avec Cedric Messemanne

Jeudi 7 Avril : Séance 13h45/15h45

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Cedric Messemanne is an award winning director, writer and camera operator based in Paris, France. He has shot various short films featured across many film festivals and competitions around the world.

After Cedric graduated from the European School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Communication in 2009, he entered Toulouse’s Superior Film School and took the 4 years Directing course. He finally got to study at New York’s School of Visual Arts in 2013, in the Film & Video department with a concentration on Directing.

These last years, Cedric has written, shot and edited numerous shorts and commercials and his work has been recognized with 3 awards and over 20 selections in film festivals from around the world, amongst which the prestigious Braunschweig Film Festival in Germany and the Linea D’Ombra Festival Culture Giovani, Italy.