Rencontre avec Dennis Stoermer

Jeudi 7 Avril : Séance 15h45/20H00

After School in 2009 assisting for a year at the goEast film festival in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. Moving to Berlin in 2010 working as a freelancer in the fields of videoproductions, directing, and writing. Writing also for the movie magazine Negative. Starting an education for cinema and tv directing at the Filmakademie Ludwigsburg. Latest half year in New York at the Columbia University for directing and visual arts.

Polar Bear | Fiction. Experimental. 3 min


Escalator | Fiction. Experimental. 7 min

PLAY + ENVY | Fiction. Experimental. 10 min


stuck on an airport | Fiction. Experimental. 8 min


After the death of Volker Figge | Documentary. Experimental. 25 min


Lets burn something on my way out ! | Fiction. Experimental. 40 min

the quick guide how to get famous in 5 minutes,
how to get somewhere sometimes | Experimental. Experimental. 20 min

The new lightness 2 | Documentary. Essay. 10 min

Let me ignite a Mercedes for you | Fiction. Experimental. 20 min