The festival : aims and goals


  • To value the work of our pupils and students, by offering them the best screening conditions.
  • To promote educational exchanges with every contributors of cinema teaching, in France, and abroad.
  • To support cinema production and learning in poorer countries.
  • To give a chance for cinema students to present their work to a public audience, as well as to a panel of specialists.


  • To encourage international cultural exchanges, through a unifying event.
  • To initiate a national and international fund for school cinema.
  • To support creativity in the visual arts. To encourage and value artistic creation.
  • To initiate an event at a national and international scale, guaranteeing a selection of the best quality.


  • To promote creation from schools or universities, and to elicit them from containment and isolation.
  • To support little known cinema from abroad.
  • To grant an opportunity for students to show their work to professionals in film production and distribution.