Rules of the festival

FESTIVAL International
6 – 9 Avril 2014 | REGLEMENTS 2013/2014


01 - Dates and place:

The festival will take place starting Monday April 6th till Thursday, April 9th, 2014 in in the auditorium of the high school Clement Ader.

02 - Festival’s goals :

The aim of the festival is to promote films from cinema classes in schools and universities and present them around Paris with the support of our partners.

It is also an opportunity to strengthen cultural exchanges and to facilitate cinema students meetings, as well as an opportunity to reinforce links with every contributors of cinema teaching.

CineClass Festival will help every one to compare his work with a much broader audience of specialists (critics, journalists, film fans), professionals (producers and distributors of short films) and public audience who have a passion for cinema.

03 - Conditions of participation, length and genre of films:

  • Only the short films that are created and produced in the context of film schools or universities teaching filmmaking, cinema and audiovisual arts - are eligible to participate to the festival.
  • Duration : limited to 35 minutes per film (including credits).
  • Genres : fiction, documentary, animation, visual arts
  • Year of production : films completed after 01/01/2012
  • Subtitles : subtitles in French or English are mandatory.
  • Original shooting format: any format.
  • Required pre-selection copy : DVD Pal or files with Apple TV (MPEG 4 AVC (codec H264) profile and a maximum size of 10 Gb..
  • Screening/Projection format in case of selection in the final program of the festival : BD (Bluray) – only.
  • Submission, participation to the festival is free of charge.

04 - Submission procedures:

The submissions are opened on November, 1st, 2014.

Submissions are closed on February 14 th, 2014.

A. Subscription via the festival’s website :

  • Complete the ≡‘pdf’ registration form after reading and accepting the rules and regulations of the festival and forward it to
  • Please make sure to personalize, change the name of the subscription’s pdf file and ‘rename’ it as follows :
    surname_name_title of short movie.pdf’.
    Renaming the file will permit to save and print the data typed into the ‘pdf’ form.

B. B. Postal, Mail submission:

  • Send a copy of the registration form duly completed and signed.
  • Please enclose to the package:

a. A DVD Pal copy of the film for the pre selection - stating on the box of the DVD:

    • The film’s title.
    • The director’s full name
    • The film’s length.
    • The language of the Subtitles.
    • The genre of the movie.
    • The production year of the film.
    • School or University presenting the film.
    • Country of production.
    • Mail and telephone contacts of the director or producer of the film.

b. b. A data CD or DVD, containing the following files:
(Please make sure that photos and documents written on this data CD or DVD are readable on any computer to avoid the need to ‘re-send’ us the missing and necessary info for the public screening and any requirements for the catalog’s publication if the movie is selected at the festival.)

    • Director’s bio-filmography.
    • A recent photograph of the director (300dpi).
    • Three to five relevant pictures representing the film to the medias (300dpi.)
    • Poster of the Film (300 dpi).
    • List of dialogues of the film in the original language and in the subtitles language.
    • Contacts, links and email address of the director.

05 - Mailing address:

All documents mentioned here above must reach the festival’s office BEFORE or at the LATEST on Friday, February 14 th, 2014 addressed to:

CineClass 2014
Festival International du film scolaire et universitaire
Lycée Clément Ader
76 Avenue Georges Clemenceau
77220 Tournan-en-Brie
Tel +33 (0)1 64 07 20 18
Fax + 33 (0)1 64 07 93 11

06 - Deadline for submission:

Friday, February 14 th, 2014.

07 - Screening, final selection and programming:

  • The Pre Selection Committee of the festival will inform the directors and heads of schools about the official and final selection before the end of Februray 2014.
  • The festival’s management will decide the order and schedule of screenings of the selected films.
  • The right holders of selected films agree upon official notification of the decision of the festival, to reserve the rights of the film in France to the 2014 Cineclass Student Film Festival
    Owners of the preselected films (directors or producers) will sent them at their own expense.
    The following medias are accepted : MKV ou MV4 (minimal resolution of 1080p), engraved on Blu-ray or DVD, or stored on a USB flash drive or a hard disk, with french sub-titles (or at least non embedded english subtitles). Medias will be sent to the Festival headquaters. In case your film is to be projected in an associated theater, we will contact you by mail, to make a DCP version.
  • • Internet transferts through Wetransfer, Mega or any other system, are also accepted, provided you inform us with an email.

8 – Autorisation for publication

Datas and photos you may give when registrating, will be used in several bilingual publications (Festival booklets, website, video library index). They also may be translated, amended or changed prior to a publication. Registrating implies your agreement to authorize CineClass Festival to use them as such.

9 – Archiving and viewing of films in Clement Ader High school Resource Centre.

CineClass Festival and Clement Ader High School Want to conduct a mission of preservation of the Student short film heritage. To this effect, all the video recordings submitted for selection are stored and archived by CineClass Festival and Clement Ader High School, who may have to transfer them on new current or future (digital or other) formats for improved storage purposes.Submitting a film to the Festival implies that CineClass Festival and Clement Ader High School are given free permission to implement, as part of its mission of preserving the short film heritage, the free, individual consultation of the films archived in its Resource Centre for a periodof 10 years renewable by tacit agreement.

10 - Private Screening: télévision and Internet

The selected film will not be released, in any form whatsoever, nor presented outside the festival, without prior agreement from the authors or owners. The Festival will yet reserve the right to use short previews (less than 3 minutes) for advertising. Any participation to the Festival implies giving full and free of charge authorization to the lycée Clément Ader to release, copy and broadcast previews of the selected films on french television networks, as well as on numeric, cable, satelite and ADSL networks, or websites. These short previews will never exceed 10 percent of the total length of the video, and in any way may not last over 3 minutes. They will only be used in news reports and flashes about the Festival, or in television show, web shows and interviews, or in some advertisement for the Festival, now and in the future, throughout a whole year, and further years tacitly renewed.

11 - Shipment of selected films:

  • Official screening copies of the selected movies formats must reach Festival organisation before March 25 th, 2014deadline for repceipt of films programmed at the festival.
  • The copies should be sent to the festival’s offices by post (address mentioned here above)or by internet.
  • Expedition of the public screening copy is taken in charge by the participant.
  • The festival could provide the copies back to the country of origin at the expenses of the applicant.
  • It is imperative to mention " No commercial value - For cultural purpose only " on the shipment’s package.

12 - Awards and Prizes:

Eight prices will be awarded. For each of the two categories, national and international, there will be two levels of competition : one for high schools competitors (études secondaires in France), and an other level for universities competitors (études supérieures in France).

The national category is dedicated to French schools under supervision of the Education Nationale, from secondaire to université or écoles supérieures. The international category can be accessed by any other country. Note that French schools that submit animated movies, documentaries or video creations, will directly access the international category.

The following prizes shall be attributed:

National competition

Competition for french high schools

  • « Cinébac » : national award for fictions
  • « Publiciné » : national audience award

Competition for french universities

  • « Cinésup » : national award for universities fictions

International competition

Compétition for high schools

  • « Cinéscol » : international award for fictions

Compétition for universities :

  • «Animaster» : international award for animated movies
  • « Masterdoc» : international award for for documentary films
  • « Cinémaster » : international award for universities fictions

13 – Catalog:

The festival will publish a catalog containing the presentation of the films selected for competition, and their directors.

14- viewing films on CineClass Website

With the agreement of the owner, we may promote some students works, selected by the festival management, by putting them online on the website, to be viewed in whole. If you wish your work not to be online, please state that in the registration form.

15 - Accommodation of international official invitees:

Accommodation and transport :

  • The festival takes in charge the reservations and Hotel/lodging expenses for the period of the stay of its international and official invitees: an administrative representative of the school/ teacher, and the student(s)/director(s) of the selected film(s).
  • The festival provides all meals to its guests for the festival’s period.
  • The transport Airport-Hotel is also provided
  • The travel expenses and procedures are taken in charge and covered by the invited participants.
  • Any person not officially invited, accompanying a participant to the festival will not be considered, lodged or nourished by the festival.

16 - Litigation:

Participation to the Festival implies the unconditional acceptance of the above terms and conditions by the producer(s), director(s) or their representatives. The Organizing Committee is the sole authority to settle disputes not covered by this Regulation.

17 - Information:

For further information and queries about the festival:

Participation in the Festival implies unreserved acceptance of the present rules. The Festival reserves final decision rights as regards any questions not provided for under the present rules.